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16 Ways a Good Creative Brief Helps You Get a Better Website

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The creative brief, design brief, strategic brief, client brief. These terms are often used interchangeably for what generally serves the same purpose. At Motical, we stick to the term creative brief (or just CB). But people have different experiences of what a Creative Brief is, and what it isn’t. So before diving into the benefits of it, let’s define what a CB really is.

What Is the Creative Brief?

  • The creative brief is a key strategic tool in shaping the creative approach to your new website.
  • The creative brief is a concise, 1 to 2 page(s), document outlining key information about the project at hand.

What the Creative Brief Isn’t

The CB is not meant to present a solution on its own. Its purpose is limited to shaping the roadmap to the solution.

Where in the Project Cycle Is the Creative Brief Developed?

Developing the Creative Brief belongs in the Discovery Phase in our project cycle. It’s one of the very first activities we do when starting a new website project.

How Is the Creative Brief Developed?

Businesses sometimes develop a CB on their own, but in most cases, we partner up with you and develop it for you. Here’s a birdseye view of how we go about developing one:

  1. The Creative Briefing Session. We’ll guide you through a briefing session and ask you a series of strategic questions about your business. We always seek to keep questions clear, simple, and conversational.
  2. Distilling Information. We may end up with a lot of information after the questions round. Synthesizing and distilling down essential information is our job. The more we distill important information, the more useful the brief will be. If the CB is a big data dump, it won’t be useful.
  3. Creative Brief Approval. We’ll send the distilled CB draft over to you for approval or changes. This way we make sure we’re all on the same page before moving forward.

With that quick summary of what the CB is, let’s head on to why developing a CB is a essential strategic tool:

How The Creative Brief Benefits The Future of Your New Business Website

The Creative Brief Helps Optimize Collaboration

  • Kick-start Collaboration. The creative briefing session kicks off the collaboration, and conversation, between you and us.
  • Be Understood. The creative briefing session is tailored to us listening to your expertise as a business owner. It helps us get under the hood of your business and really understand it.
  • Build Consensus. The CB lets everyone involved in the project provide input in a structured manner. We’ll build consensus on what we are making.
  • Conforming Language. Everyone involved in the project gets on the same page, and we conform our language together.

The Creative Brief Helps Your Website Be Smarter

  • Inspire Solutions. While developing the CB, we gather the information that illuminates and inspires smarter and innovative solutions for the project.
  • Stay Focused. The CB helps us narrow down and focus on what concepts to explore, and equally important, what concepts not to explore.
  • Get Actionable Information. Techniques used in developing the CB, help us convert thoughts into actionable information.
  • Generate Ideas. The CB helps us generate ideas that direct creative approaches, either from us or from you.

The Creative Brief Helps Us Make Informed Decisions

  • Avoid Pitfalls. The CB helps us uncover potential problems in the project early on before they become bigger problems.
  • Provide Guidance. The CB guides the creative decision-making process for both you and us. When making creative decisions, we can refer to the CB document to evaluate if the decision is on brief or not.

The Creative Brief Helps You Reach Business Goals

  • Gather Key Information. The CB helps us gather data, collect facts and statistics, feelings, and opinions in a structured way.
  • Save time and money. The CB saves you, as a client, time, and money by narrowing down concepts more efficiently.
  • Digging Deep. The CB helps both you and us to think more deeply about how we can achieve your goals.
  • User-Centered. The CB is a tool that helps us think about the website from you and, equally important, your users’ perspective.
  • Bridging Gaps. The CB connects and bridges the gap between creative thinking and your business goals.
  • Prioritize Tasks. The CB helps us prioritize tasks for your budget.

From informing the direction of key deliverables in a business website (UI design, UX research, UX content, and UX Design), to gathering project parameters and beyond, the CB is an essential tool for putting your new website on the path to success. We’re here to guide you through the CB for your next website project.